Marcona Almonds
Marcona Almonds in bowl
Marcona Almonds label
Marcona Almonds, 500g - Toasted and Salted Spanish Almonds

Known as the Queen of almonds - and for good reason!
We uses only the highest quality premium almonds, from Andalucia, Spain thease premium almonds are renowned for their taste and quality.
They are Grown using traditional sustanable farming methods, In the foothills of the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains. These Marcona almonds are toasted in olive oil and lightly salted. A perfect pre-dinner snack to enjoy with an aperetif, or toss into a salad to enhance flavours.

  • Grown in Andalucia, Southern Spain
  • Finest Quality
  • Large bag
  • Distinctive rich flavour
  • High Fibre